Naval 2022 Edition

Euronaval 2022 marks a turning point in our history as iXblue and ECA Group join forces and embark on a new journey to become Exail, an industrial high-tech champion that delivers components, sensors,
vehicles and integrated systems.

Combining our complementary technological expertise and geographical footprint, with a strong legacy of innovation, Exail will continue to empower nations worldwide with critical capabilities to help them face rising challenges.

Exail provides a unique naval offer ranging from components and products to complex systems. Whether it is to safeguard nations’ sovereignty, explore the deep sea, or respond to environmental challenges, we aim to expand your naval capabilities with our cutting-edge technologies. Through unmatched performance, safety and reliability, our comprehensive portfolio will provide you with increased value while our global team will support you as you face the most complex challenges.

As European leaders in naval navigation systems and solutions, we deliver resilient navigation, helping protect surface vessels against spoofing and jamming threats, and powering unrivaled autonomous navigation for submarines and subsea drones.

Our wide range of surface ships and submarines’ equipment, ranging from magnetic signature management solutions and steering & diving consoles to energy converters and variable speed drives, further increase operational safety by improving naval platforms’ discretion and energy efficiency.

Leaders in the field of maritime autonomy, we are able to push the boundaries of traditional mine warfare by offering a unique approach with our vertically integrated stand-of f MCM system. Deploying drones on the minefield, our Mine Countermeasures solution increases the operational effectiveness and speed, while keeping crews and ships out of harm’s way.

Finally, we leverage our advanced expertise in autonomous surface and subsea platforms as well as maritime
sensors such as subsea acoustic positioning systems and solutions for subsea imagery, to offer a complete ecosystem of data-acquisition solutions, contributing to an effective understanding of the maritime domain.

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges with sovereignties being challenged, and with growing social expectations and concerns about the environment. The naval domain is at the heart of these challenges. At Exail, we are convinced that disruptive technologies brought by innovation will help tackling these issues. Together with our dedicated team of 1,500 people, we see great development opportunities on which we are eager to partner with you.

Whatever your operational challenge or environment, Exail will be by your side every step of the way, expanding your capabilities.

We look forward to meeting you!

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