Supercontinuum Photonic Crystal Fibers

Photonic Crystal & Multicore Fibers

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These fibers offer both low dispersion at the pump wavelength, high numerical aperture and are therefore particularly suited for the efficient generation of supercontinuum with ti-sapphire and YAG pulsed pump sources.



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Benefits & Features

  • Pure silica core, low background losses
  • Small effective area, high nonlinear coefficient
  • Dispersion optimised for pumping near 780 nm & 1060 nm


  • Supercontinuum generation
  • Frequency comb generation
  • Fiber gyroscope
  • PM pigtailing

Main Specifications



Product Specification Datasheet
Supercontinuum & Frequency comb
IXF-SUP-2-135-760 Optimized for 780 nm
Highly Non-Linear Fiber
PDF More info
IXF-SUP-5-125-1050 Optimized for 1060 nm
Highly Non-Linear Fiber
PDF More info
IXF-SUP-5-125-1050-PM Optimized for 1060 nm
Polarisation Maintaining
Highly Non-Linear Fiber
PDF More info
Gyro & Pigtailing