Maritime Autonomy

As a world-leading developer of industry-changing autonomous and uncrewed technologies, iXblue offers a complete ecosystem ensuring a smooth transition towards remotely supervised maritime operations. Through certified Uncrewed Surface vehicles, launch and recovery systems, towed vehicles, purpose-made payload gondola adaptations, inertial navigation, acoustic positioning systems, and Forward-Looking Sonars, we provide complete end to end system solutions and enable efficient deployments and successful missions to our clients. iXblue provides an open maritime autonomy ecosystem allowing clients to perform their own development.

Empowering Autonomy at Sea

Uncrewed Surface Vehicles

The DriX USV, along with its efficient launch and recovery system, is a seasoned asset in the environment of supervised autonomy. Able to conduct both remote-controlled and supervised autonomous operations (within visual range or Over The Horizon), DriX offers outstanding seakeeping and speed capabilities. It is a versatile and efficient USV that can host a wide range of payloads and that offers optimum conditions for high quality data acquisition in both shallow and deep waters.

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Remotely Operated Towed Vehicles

FlipiX is a Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) designed to be operated autonomously and enhancing uncrewed survey capabilities. Deployed from Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) or traditional vessels, FlipiX enables to conduct autonomous bathymetry, geophysics and UXO operations in a single run. Leveraging best-in class motion control and a reduced operational footprint, FlipiX is a unique conveyance platform for Side Scan Sonars (SSS) and Magnetometers.

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Inertial Navigation Solutions for subsea platforms

Equipping over 80% of the subsea vehicles used in the Energy and Geoscience industries, iXblue FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope)-based Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Attitude Heading and Reference Systems (AHRS) are accurate and maintenance-free navigation systems that will bring unparalleled performance and reliability to your subsea operations.

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Acoustic subsea positioning systems

Offering unrivaled horizontal tracking capabilities and unmatched accuracy from extremely shallow water depths to 10 000 meters, iXblue USBL systems will be your go-to solution for applications where accuracy and reliability are key, including work-class ROV surveys, AUV missions, diver tracking, or critical dynamic positioning operations.

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Forward Looking Sonars

iXblue offers a range of scalable 3D multi-beam Forward Looking Sonars that are particularly suited for obstacle avoidance, real-time seabed mapping and rapid environmental assessment (REA) applications.
Offering obstacle detection from the seabed to the surface, the SeapiX-FLS Series offer unmatched situational awareness for increased safety of navigation.

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Remote Hydrography Services

Deploying a fleet of leading-edge autonomous survey technologies, including its DriX Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USV) and accompanying autonomous ecosystem, as well as state-of-the-art acquisition sensors, iXblue provides turnkey survey services to survey service providers, companies and institutes worldwide. From assets mobilization to the interpretation and delivery of the collected data, iXblue teams of expert surveyors and technicians are there every step of the way to help customers in their transition to autonomous operations, force-multiplying data acquisition and optimizing survey productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

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Why Choose iXblue?

Reducing Operational Time and Costs

As a major provider of advanced marine and autonomy technologies, iXblue is playing a central role in the advancement of maritime operations efficiency. We strive to keep creating efficient solutions that bring added-value to our customers throughout the entire operation cycle from operation planning, execution and end delivery to the final user. With our unmanned autonomous solutions, CAPEX and OPEX expenses can be drastically reduced through faster and more efficient end to end operation cycles and reduced operation footprint.

Supervision from Remote Operation Centers

By enabling remotely operated maritime operations, we help ensure personnel safety, reducing their global exposure at sea. Our DriX USV conduct autonomous missions under the supervision of an operation crew working from a Remote Operation Center (ROC). This ROC can be installed in any convenient location (both ashore or on a Mother Vessel) and provides a high level of situational awareness to the supervisors of the on going operation, that can successfully supervise one or multiple deployed uncrewed assets from the safety of the ROC.

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for maximum safety at sea

When it comes to other sea users, our Uncrewed Surface Vehicles are fitted with a state-of-the-art iXblue made obstacle avoidance system (OAS) that combines redundant multispectral perception means through a fusion engine. The obstacle detection and tracking engine enables automatic path replanning considering the applicable COLREG responses. It also provides a high-level awareness of the surrounding environment to the supervisors.



Helping Reduce the Environmental Impact of Maritime Operations

Our remote and autonomous solutions bring about more efficient operations with a reduced impact on the environment. By designing greener uncrewed autonomous solutions and by downscaling the marine assets deployed to the necessary minimum, we help the industry move towards a more sustainable future. Our solutions achieve a step-change in terms of reduction of the environmental impact compared to traditional assets. Ensuring our oceans sustainability is indeed a key requirement and using iXblue autonomous technologies for future operations will help do just that.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low greenhouse gas emission
  • Low radiated noise in the water
  • Low operational footprint

Sea-Proven Innovative Technologies

Our autonomous technologies have a proven operation track record around the globe. Whether deployed by our clients and partners, or by our own teams of surveyors, they are routinely used across a wide range of operations in the scientific, renewables, Oil&Gas, or defense industries.

They further benefit from the wide range of iXblue internal expertise. Our inhouse team of surveyors and engineers operate them daily from our Maritime Autonomy Campus in the South of France, trying to always push and enhance our technologies, as per iXblue spirit of continuous innovation.

Approved By Class Societies

iXblue is working in close collaboration with class societies to raise the standards and acceptance of USVs and other uncrewed technologies within the maritime industry. Global acceptance of these novel autonomous technologies indeed depends on the capacity to demonstrate they are safe to deploy and operate. As a result, our DriX USV has been certified by Bureau Veritas (BV) and has received BV’s Approval in Principle, that addresses its safety requirements.

Experienced Support Experts at Your Service

True specialists in autonomous platforms and remote operations, our teams of recognized support experts are there to help you deploy our technologies. Leveraging extensive experience in the Offshore and Geoscience industries, our global support teams will be able to bring their skills and expertise to your projects all around the word. Recognized for their readiness and proficiency, they will be at your side for every single phase of your projects, from mission planning and field mobilizations to operations and maintenance.

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