Photosensitive Fibers

Single Mode & Multimode Fibers

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For Fiber Bragg Grating

iXblue Photonics is offering different types of Photosensitive Single Mode Fibers :

IXF-PHO-CMF  and IXF-PHO-CMF-PM are designed to suppress the cladding modes losses (CMF Cladding Mode Free). The fibers have a mode field diameter similar to most standard SMF with a relatively low photosensitivity that can be enhanced with Hydrogen loading. The Main benefit is the cladding modes suppression associated with an extremely low birefringence and a low phase noise, making it suitable for gratings for compensation of large dispersion.

IXF-PHO-CMS is designed to adapt the cladding mode offset (CMS Cladding Mode Shifted) in order to optimize the channel spacing. This fiber has very high germanium core concentration, with low attenuation compared to exotic boron doped core fibers, enabling high reflectivity gratings without hydrogen loading. CMS series will shift the cladding modes up to 10 nm.

Photosensitive fibers exhibit uniform and controlled photosensitivity to conventional UV radiation techniques. Similar fibers are available with polyimide coatings for harsh environment.



Benefits & Features

  • Excellent cladding mode suppression
  • Mode field diameter matched to transmission


  • Fiber bragg gratings
  • Gain flattening filters
  • Broadband filters
  • Temperature and strain sensor

Main Specifications



Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-PHO-CMF-LPR Cladding Mode Free PDF More info
IXF-PHO-CMF-PM Cladding Mode Free
PM Fiber
PDF More info
IXF-PHO-CMS Cladding Mode Shifted
Up to 9 nm, <0.25 dB splice loss
PDF More info
IXF-PHO-CMSP Cladding Mode Shifted
Up to 4 nm, <0.12 dB splice loss
PDF More info