Engineering the future of maritime operations

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A global leader in ocean technologies, iXblue engineers the future of maritime operations. From the surface to the deep sea, we offer a complete range of cutting-edge products and solutions to enhance your operations at sea. From navigation, subsea positioning, and subsea imagery to maritime autonomy, we help shape the future of the maritime industry. Powering efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental sustainability at sea, we deliver solutions to help you meet your most demanding challenges, on and under the sea.

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The ocean is at the heart of the world’s attention. Not only is it the core of an incredible and critical ecosystem, but its economics are expanding exponentially. From energy production and oceanographic sciences, to seabed exploration, fisheries and transportation, the activities it encompasses are vast, and with them comes an infinite source of innovation. This year, we are excited to be able to share with you many new products and innovations in the subsea navigation and positioning domains that will keep bringing even more efficiency to your maritime operations. Make sure to stay tuned!
Maritime 2023 Edition