90° Optical Hybrid


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COH 90° optical hybrids enable to extract phase, amplitude and polarization by performing interferences between a Signal and a Local Oscillator.

The COH24 is a single polarization 90° optical hybrid that enables to extract phase and amplitude from a single polarization signal by performing four 90° phase stepped interferences between the signal and a Local Oscillator (LO). The COH24-X is a new generation optical hybrid with improved performances (among other things, a wider operating wavelength range and much better dual uniformities).

The COH28 and COH28-X are based on two single polarization 90° optical hybrids that can extract phase, amplitude and polarization from a signal with any polarization.

These products are purely passive and athermal.

The COH24-X and COH28-X also feature a phase tunability option in order to perfectly adjust the 90° of the hybrid depending on the wavelength used.

iXblue also offers dual-polarization 180° hybrids.


A technology that is going to space

COH 90° Optical Hybrid are manufactured following an in-house process of ultra-accurate assembling of micro-optics. The full process, from active optical alignment to gluing and assembling process, is based on technologies that have proved their abilities to respect constraints of space deployment.

Due to the increasing demand for space products, a new hermetic seam-sealing system was acquired in 2022 to carry out mass production of its components, sealed in a controlled atmosphere, at atmospheric pressure.


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