Step-Index Multimode Fibers

Single Mode & Multimode Fibers

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iXblue offers step-index multimode fibers made of a pure silica core with a fluorinated cladding. Standard 105-125 fiber with 0.22 NA is available off the shelf. In addition, a wide range of preforms with 1.1, 1.19 or custom core to cladding diameter ratio (CCDR) can be manufactured and drawn with an on-demand cladding diameter up to 600 µm.

The OH content of the silica core can be selected between low-OH, mid-OH or high-OH for an optimized transmission in the near infrared, visible and UV-visible respectively.

MMSI fibers can be drawn with standard acrylate, high temperature acrylate or polyimide coatings.


Benefits & Features

  • 22 NA, compatible with standard laser diodes and components
  • Pure silica core, fluorinated cladding
  • Low-OH, Mid-OH and High-OH silica
  • High temperature acrylate and polyimide coatings


  • Beam power delivery
  • Medical
  • Spectroscopy
  • Pump diodes


Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-MMF-105-125-0.22 105 µm core diameter PDF More info
IXF-RAD-MMSI-L-105-125-022-HT 105 µm core diameter
High radiation level
High temperature acrylate coating
PDF More info