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Delph Geo Software is a complete software solution with Seismic, Sonar and magnetometer modules covering all survey needs from data acquisition to processing and data interpretation. Interfacing with most industry leading sensors and data formats, Delph Geo latest generation results from key-users input and the strong experience of iXblue engineers.

All-in-one solution for geophysical data processing & 3D interpretation

A simple user interface and a focus on data acquisition reliability


Recording optimum-quality data can be a challenge, especially when simultaneously supervising several pieces of equipment. Dedicated to surveyors, Delph Geo Acquisition software features an easy-to-read display with a focus on raw data quality. Large indicators display the acquisition status and inform operators about the nature and severity of problems when they occur. With a resolutely simplified user interface and display-only data enhancement, it provides stability to the core logging functions of the application, thus reducing the risk of mistakes that may corrupt the raw data.

From raw data to ultra-efficient workflow for geophysical survey

Close partnership with major survey companies worldwide results in a highly optimized workflow for processing side-scan sonar and SAS, seismic and sub-bottom profilers, magnetometer and gradiometer data. Delph Geo software is a major leap forward in providing geologists, geophysicists and hydrographers with a fast and intuitive solution. It offers greater flexibility, a major boost in productivity, and top-level multi-sensor data integration, quality control – QC – and interpretation capabilities, all in a smart and intuitive software environment.

The most advanced geophysical data processing and interpretation package in the industry

Delph Geo Interpretation is architectured around a powerful 2D/3D cartographic application – Delph RoadMap – and specialized sensor analysis software modules with strong interconnections. It results in a higher global Quality Control, brings more confidence in the dataset and intuitive cross correlation of multi-sensor data types for a better interpretation, directly from the 3D map.

Time saving solution for geophysicists

Data processing and interpretation experts will love the intuitive access to all functions and the time-saving features will allow them to better focus on QC, data analysis and interpretation rather than complex or time-consuming software operations.

Real-Time and Offline processed data available in no time

Most Delph Geo Interpretation features that are available for post-processing are also made possible on a real-time data flow. Delph Geo real-time connection automates the processing and 3D mapping of all data for an immediate QC and early interpretation of the results. Delph Geo scalability ranges from single users to traditional tow-fish and ROV based operations and up to the most demanding multi-USVs and multi-AUVs surveying methods. Whatever the survey scale, Delph Geo Interpretation copes with the large data amounts and deliver results in a shortest time.

Smart and intuitive software for all sensors data

Delph Geo Seismic module

Delph Seismic is the most complete acquisition, processing and interpretation software package designed to provide geologists and geophysicists with an easy access to all data collected from high-resolution seismic systems and sub-bottom profilers.

Delph Seismic is the ideal solution for use in all types of surveys, from scientific research to hydrography, dredging, the energy market, archaeology and more.

For single to 2D multi-channel survey, Delph Analog Acquisition unit features a quality and reliable solution for analogic data acquisition.

Delph Geo Magnetometer module

Delph Mag Locator is a unique operational solution for the mapping of buried objects: unlike more specialized magnetometer software Delph Geo filters and maps magnetic anomalies in a few and very comprehensive steps. While not requiring a strong expertise in magnetic science, it quickly delivers very accurate magnetic anomaly maps that will combine in Delph RoadMap 3D view for a powerful correlation with sonar bathymetry and sub-bottom data.

Delph Geo Sonar module

Delph Sonar is a complete acquisition, processing and interpretation software package designed to easily perform and process accurate and productive side-scan sonar surveys. Providing an optimal QC at any stage and relying on Delph powerful workflow and ease-of-use, side-scan sonar mapping has never been so fast. Delph Sonar features powerful tools for seabed classification and target management along with and immediate 3D map correlation with any other geo-referenced data.

Delph Geo SAS module

Delph SAS streamlines synthetic aperture sonar processing within the industry leading Delph Sonar Interpretation software. Combined with the iXblue Sams synthetic aperture sonar series, the processing of high-resolution and quality dataset is fully integrated in Delph Geo Sonar module: Sharing the same tools, it is fully similar and even easier to process Sams data than any other legacy side-scan dataset.

For multiple applications

  • Coastal management
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Cable routing
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Coastal engineering
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Mine warfare
  • Structural geology
  • Marine geology
  • Marine archaeology
  • UXO – Unexploded Ordnance survey
  • Decommissioning survey
  • Windfarm survey
  • Paleoclimatology


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