DWDM Mux /Demux

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MICS product line offers the most complete range of DWDM Mux/Demux (6,25GHz to 400GHz spacing). TMICS is a spacing and frequency DWDM Mux/Demux.

Thanks to its flexible bulk grating technology, iXblue offers the most complete DWDM mux/demux product range.

Since 1998, MICS product is deployed on the field by system vendors, for metro, long haul and submarine networks.

iXblue has developed a benchtop tunable MUX/DEMUX. By tuning the spacing and the optical frequency, the user has access to complete grid modularity.

iXblue also offers MUX/DEMUX based on TFF in mini-size packages.


A technology that is going to space

MICS (DWDM Mux/Demux) are manufactured following an in-house process of ultra-accurate assembling of micro-optics. The full process, from active optical alignment to gluing and assembling process, is based on technologies that have proved their abilities to respect constraints of space deployment.

Due to the increasing demand for space products, a new hermetic seam-sealing system was acquired in 2022 to carry out mass production of its components, sealed in a controlled atmosphere, at atmospheric pressure.


Benefits & Features

  • up to 48 channels
  • Any spacing from 6.25 Ghz till 400 Ghz
  • S+C+L+U band (1460nm to 1675nm) or around 1310nm
  • Flat top shape or specific shape option
  • PM option
  • Qualified to TELCORDIA 1209 and TELCORDIA 1221.

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Custom Mux/Demux

MICS Optical Specifications

(± 0.001 THz)
(± 0.01 GHz)
Filter Shape
Fiber Type
Be careful, with this configuration, the maximum number of channels is 48!
Be careful, with this configuration, the maximum number of channels is 16!
Connectors (Common)
Connectors (Individuals)
Package type

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MICS Datasheet

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