3D Multibeam Echosounder for Marine Works


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SeapiX-C is a solid-state multibeam sonar that provides unique highly accurate and real-time georeferenced static bathymetry capabilities for high-precision marine works. Providing more efficient and flexible operations, as well as increased safety, SeapiX-C is a valuable seabed mapping solution that enables instant monitoring and situational decision-making. Perfect for marine works, it already benefits from a track record in challenging jack-up barges deployments and dredging operations.

Industry’s only real-time static bathymetry

SeapiX-CSeapiX-C is a solid-state mills cross volumetric Multibeam Echos Sounder (MBES) with no moving parts. Where most of the MBES on the market have a dedicated antenna to receive and another to transmit, SeapiX-C unique design allows to transmit and receive from both antennas. This allows for each of the detected points on the seabed to be measured in two different arrays without requiring any movement of the sonar, resulting in unique static bathymetry capabilities.

Unmatched trade-off between resolution and range

SeapiX-C delivers the best balance between resolution and range, allowing high-precision and safe marine works. Its double steerable multibeam swaths capability allows real-time monitoring of station-based bathymetry. SeapiX-C can cover a wide area, up to 10,000 m2 at 30m depth, and provides high-resolution (1.6° beam angle, 7.5 cm in range) bathymetry. The relatively low central frequency of 150 kHz provides robust bathymetric data in turbid waters, a key feature for dredging applications.

Unique real-time monitoring

iXblue has developed an intelligent and robust algorithm that enables SeapiX-C to automatically determine, in real-time, the configuration that offers the most accurate measurement possible, rejecting side lobes and multi-travel echoes which often limit the performance of standard MBES. Thanks to these powerful algorithms and its unique design, the 3D multibeam echo sounder offers real-time georeferenced static bathymetry capabilities to marine works operators for instant monitoring and situational decision-making.
SeapiX-C ultimately brings higher efficiency and safety to operations by removing the need for time-consuming and costly bathymetric survey or diving inspection, as well as removing time spent on post-processing.

Increased operational flexibility & Safety

Multi-mode capabilities


Operational flexibility and efficiency are further enhanced by SeapiX-C multi-mode capabilities. This 3DMultibeam sonar can be used in various modes:

  • Real-time static bathymetry mode for real time seabed monitoring
  • Classic bathymetry for regular seabed survey
  • Scanning mode for real time structure and object monitoring within the water column

Multi-head configuration

SeapiX-C offers operators the choice to use the echo-sounder system either in a single head or in a multi-head configuration (up to 4 heads) to get wider imagery coverage of the seafloor. With this multi-head capability, operators get increased operational efficiency with no further hassle in the use of the system. All sonar heads can be controlled and monitored together using one single command for easy and straightforward operations.


Robust and easy to operate

Made of stainless steel, SeapiX-C is a sea-proven and rugged sonar which robustness has already withstood the harsh maritime environment of the North Sea. Embedding its own Inertial measurement Unit, SeapiX-C attitude and orientation are always known. This allows for quick and easy installation and removes the need to couple an external attitude sensor to the sonar, ultimately saving precious vessel time.

The SeapiX-C 3D multibeam sonar comes with an intuitive software interface that makes the sonar system easy to operate by the end-user, with no need for a specialized surveyor to operate the sonar. The SeapiX-C software displays all measurements provided by the sonar system, along with the information from the ship/platform (legs position, displacement, height when rising above the waterline…) as well as other critical information. This user-friendly interface enables operators to easily switch between the three available modes (static bathymetry, standard bathymetry, scanning).


Mitigating operational risks

Smartly positioned, SeapiX-C provides a valuable real time overview of the area of interest, removing the need for hazardous diving or survey operations and ultimately mitigating operational risks.

One system for multiple applications

SeapiX-C is a scalable system available in two versions. Its stainless-steel version is particularly suited for permanent hull installations, while a lighter and portable (24 kg transducer) composite material-version, is the perfect fit when looking for more operational flexibility.

Marine civil engineering

SeapiX-C sonar is perfectly suited for marine civil engineering operations such as dredging. The sonar reduces overall dredging time and increases operational efficiency by enabling real time monitoring of construction or maintenance operations. SeapiX-C provides real-time and georeferenced static bathymetry of the seabed on a wide area (120° aperture), allowing operators to directly observe and monitor their work without the need to wait for a survey sweep.

Jack-up barge installation and rig move operations

By providing a station-based 3D imagery solution able to display the seabed in real-time and covering a wide area, SeapiX-C completely removes the danger when positioning jack-up barges legs using seabed information obtained from pre-lay survey maps that may not accurately reflect the actual subsea area.
SeapiX-C enables operators to directly see where they are exactly positioning the legs during the deployment with up-to-date measurements. Using SeapiX-C increases the safety of deployment and brings higher efficiency to the operations by removing the need for time-consuming and costly pre-lay diver operations.



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