Photonics 2023 Edition

Exail is one of the key European players in the field of photonics, and is involved in 4 different activities: specialty fibers, modulation solutions, complete photonic systems, lasers and quantum sensors. The company offers unique technologies that have proven their relevance for a large number of applications, and has established a strong position in a wide range of markets: sensors, lasers, communication, metrology, quantum, geosciences…

Exail’s photonic activities have grown exponentially over the past years. This continued success is the result of our teams strong commitment that results in an extensive technological and industrial expertise. From the very beginning, innovation, risk-taking and customer satisfaction have been the core of everything we do. It led to the development of cutting-edge solutions, capable of delivering ultra-high performance. But while performance is key, this is not our only differentiator. Our technologies have been optimized for a wide range of environments – from temperature-stabilized laboratories, to deep space – and to reach the quality and reliability standards necessary to the most demanding operations.

This is why Exail offers top level modulation solutions, a wide range of advanced specialty optical fibers, ultra stable fibered micro-optical benches, laser systems offering unique spectral features and field-proven quantum gravity sensors.

Today, Exail has strong ambitions. Supported by an intense R&D activity, the company is developing  tomorrow’s technologies, coming up with disruptive photonics solutions. In the next pages, you will discover a wide range of examples of innovations on which the Exail photonics teams are currently working. You will learn about the latest developments conducted by our team in advanced doped and rad-hard fibers, modulation solution, photonic systems and lasers. Through a number of customer stories, you will understand how these developments lead the way for technological breakthrough in the fields of space optical communication, secured quantum communication, high energy laser, but also in defense, LIDAR for automotive and bio or medical imaging.

After all these years, our passion and conquest spirit haven’t vanished, and we are thrilled to address new technological challenges. We are convinced that photonics will be at the heart of our World’s mutations, and we believe our technologies will play a key role to further explore the potential offered by the control of light and to transform the future. Be sure that you can rely on our full commitment to make this happen!

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