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For fiber laser between 890 – 1100 nm

iXblue offers a complete range of Neodymium fibers with some unique properties.

iXblue Neodymium Aluminosilicate double clad fibers have been developed to maximize fiber efficiency through a precisely controlled host composition. Compared to a standard Neodymium fiber, the 1.06-micron emission is reduced through careful fiber design optimization.

Our double clad fibers are routinely tested to various parameters such as photodarkening and environmental behavior.

Single clad fibers are also proposed and would be ideal to build seeder sources.



Benefits & Features

  • Host composition optimized for high energy efficiency and low clustering
  • Low splicing losses
  • High NA, High performance low-index cladding
  • Low background losses
  • Low macrobending losses at operating wavelength


  • 0.9 to 1.064 µm fiber lasers
  • Seeder source at 10xx nm

Main Specifications



Fiber type
Product Specification Datasheet
Single Clad Fibers
IXF-NDF-3-125-HD 3 µm core diameter PDF More info
IXF-NDF-PM-3-125 3 µm core diameter
PM Panda structrure
PDF More info
IXF-NDF-PM-3-125-HD 3 µm core diameter
PM Panda structrure
Highly doped
PDF More info
Double Clad Fibers
IXF-2CF-Nd-O-5-125-D 4.5 µm core diameter PDF More info
IXF-2CF-Nd-PM-5-80-W-D1 4.5 µm core diameter
PM Panda structrure
PDF More info
IXF-2CF-Nd-PM-20-80-V2 20 µm core diameter
PM Panda structrure
PDF More info
IXF-2CF-Nd-PM-30-130 30 µm core diameter
PM Panda structrure
PDF More info


  • Mode-locked all-PM ND-doped fiber laser near 910 NM

    K. Le Corre, H. Gilles, S.Girard, M. Laroche (CIMAP CAEN); R. Becheker, T. Godin, A. Hideur (CORIA); G Santarelli (LP2N); T. Robin, B. Cadier (iXblue)

    Proceedings Volume 11665, Fiber Lasers XVIII: Technology and Systems; 116651M (2021) 

    We present a compact passively mode-locked fiber laser emitting near 910 nm with an all-polarization-maintaining fiber laser architecture. The ring-cavity laser configuration includes a core-pumped

  • Efficient pulsed nd-doped fiber laser at 905 nm and frequency conversion down to 452nm and 226nm

    K. Le Corre, H. Gilles, S. Girard, M. Laroche (CIMAP), G. Santarelli (LP2N), A. Barnini, L. Kervella, P. Guitton, T. Robin (iXblue)

    Photonics West – MARCH 2021

    We present in this work, the development of a nanosecond pulsed Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier (MOPA) laser system near 905 nm based on the 3-level transition of Neodymium using a novel low NA polarization-maintaining Nd-doped silica…

    Learn more
  • Frequency-quadrupled nd-doped fiber laser source in the deep-uv at 226 nm (af3a.5)

    T. Robin, L. Kervella, P. Guitton, A Barnini (iXblue); M. Laroche, K. Le Corre, H. Gilles (CIMAP-ENSICAEN); S. Girard (Lab. Hubert Curien); G. Santarelli (LP2N)

    OSA Laser Congress – OCTOBER 2020

    We present the first demonstration of a laser source at 226nm based on the frequency-quadrupling of an all-PM Nd-doped fiber laser. The DUV laser delivers 175mW of average power, 50ns pulse at 30kHz repetition rate.

    Learn more
  • 7.5 w blue light generation at 452 nm by internal frequency doubling of a continuouswave nd-doped fiber laser

    B. Leconte, H.Gilles, M. Larochet (CIMAP); T. Robin, B. Cadier (iXblue)

    Optics Express, Vol 26, No. 8 – APRIL 2018

    We present the first frequency-doubled neodymium-doped fiber laser generating multi-watt CW power near 450 nm. A bow-tie resonator incorporating a LBO nonlinear crystal is integrated within a Nd-doped fiber laser emitting near 900 nm. This scheme achieves an IR to blue conversion efficiency close to 55% without any active control of the internal resonant cavity…

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  • Watt-level single-frequency tunable neodymium mopa fiber laser operating at 915-937 nm

    S. Rota-Rodrigo, B. Gouhier, M. Laroche, J. Zhao, B. Canuel, A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer, N. Traynor, B. Cadier, T. Robin & G. Santarelli

    Photonics West -JANUARY 2018

    We have developed a Watt-level single-frequency tunable fiber laser in the 915–937 nm spectral window. The laser is based on a neodymium-doped fiber master oscillator power amplifier architecture, with two amplification stages using a 20 mW extended cavity diode laser as seed…

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  • Transverse mode selection in a nd-doped fiber amplifier at 910 nm

    B. Leconte, H. Gilles, T.Robin, B. Cadier & M. Laroche

    Optic Express 25, 18314-18319 – 2017

    Selective amplifications of LP01 fundamental mode and higher order modes LP11 and LP01 are demonstrated in a double-pass Nd-doped LMA fiber amplifier operating at 910 nm. A multimode core fiber Bragg grating is employed to select a single guided mode by simply adjusting…

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