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From the design to the manufacturing, iXblue masters the complete production chain of specialty fibers, Bragg gratings, high speed modulation solutions and micro-optic assemblies. We provide turn-key laser systems delivering continuous and sub-ns pulsed signal wave, as well as instruments.  Our solutions support a very wide variety of applications including high speed communications, fibers-based sensing, space, science, medical, and quantum technologies.


  • Aug 20
    Aug 22
    • Photonics & Space

    NOR-FISHING 2024

    Trondheim, Norway

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Exail’s photonic activities have grown exponentially over the past years. This continued success is the result of our teams strong commitment that results in an extensive technological and industrial expertise. From the very beginning, innovation, risk-taking and customer satisfaction have been the core of everything we do. It led to the development of cutting-edge solutions, capable of delivering ultra-high performance. But while performance is key, this is not our only differentiator. Our technologies have been optimized for a wide range of environments – from temperature-stabilized laboratories, to deep space – and to reach the quality and reliability standards necessary to the most demanding operations. Make sure to stay tuned!
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