Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle


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Guillaume Eudeline

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FlipiX is a Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) designed to be operated autonomously and enhancing uncrewed survey capabilities. Deployed from Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) or traditional vessels, FlipiX enables to conduct autonomous bathymetry, geophysics and UXO operations in a single run. Leveraging best-in class motion control and a reduced operational footprint, FlipiX is a unique conveyance platform for Side Scan Sonars (SSS) and Magnetometers.

Enhancing the autonomous survey scope

Deployed from Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) or traditional vessels, FlipiX ROTV enhances the autonomous survey scope by allowing autonomous bathymetry, geophysics and UXO operations in a single run. A versatile and unique conveyance platform for Side Scan Sonars and Magnetometers, FlipiX is the ideal complement to uncrewed surface platforms able to deploy MBES and SBPs. Benefiting from a positive buoyancy, the ROTV can easily be interfaced with uncrewed surface vehicles to offer operators a complete ecosystem for autonomous survey.


Providing best in class motion control for increased measurement quality

FlipiX altitude, pitch and roll are autonomously controlled to maintain measuring instruments at a fixed altitude and constant attitude with no human intervention. This results in best-in-class platform stability in the harshest conditions, providing enhanced measurement quality in the most challenging maritime environments. This active motion control capability bestows the ROTV with increased stability and enhanced maneuverability during U-turns, further enhancing data quality.

Offering tow-speeds up to 7 knots with no compromise on data quality, FlipiX can be operated a few meters above the seabed (3m) providing a unique environment for data measurements.

Reducing operational footprint

One of the most compact ROTV solution on the market, FlipiX, using its ruggedized Launch & Recovery system, can easily be deployed from RHIBs or light vessels with a reduced crew onboard.

Benefiting from Over The Horizon (OTH) capabilities when deployed from a USV, and enabling bathymetry, geophysics and UXO operations to be conducted in a single run, FlipiX drastically lowers survey time, reduces the need for skilled support personnel onsite,  and completely removes the need for costly support vessels, ultimately bringing operational costs down.

Covering multiple applications

  • Hydrography
  • Geophysics
  • UXO and Wreck detection
  • Cable & Pipe Pre-lay, Post-lay, As-built, inspection
  • Dredging
  • Environmental assessment



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