Polarization Switches & Scramblers

Lithium Niobate Electro Optic Modulator

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The PSC-LN  and the PSW-LN are a compact and high speed electro-optic Polarization Scramblers and Polarization SWitches.

These integrated-optic devices feature a low-loss single-mode waveguide and are capable of modulating the polarization at frequencies ranging from DC to more than 10 GHz. They operate over a broad optical bandwidth of more than 100 nm.

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Benefits & Features

  • C+L Bands operation
  • Low frequencies to 10 GHz operation
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Dedicated modulator per market


  • Elimination of Polarization Sensitivity, Depolarizing
  • Polarization scrambling
  • Interferometers and Sensors


Wavelength max (nm) : 1450 – 1625

Product Specification Datasheet
PSC-LN-0.1-P-S-FA-FA C-band low frequencies Polarization Scrambler PDF More info
PSC-LN-10-P-S-FA-FA C-band wide bandwidth Polarization Scrambler PDF More info
PSW-LN-0.1-P-P-FA-FA C-band low frequencies Polarization Switch PDF More info


Modulation solutions & Modbox Catalogue

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Application Notes

iXblue Polarization SCrambler

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iXblue Polarization Switch

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