PM Coils

Polarization-Maintaining, Polarizing & Spun Fibers

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We are able to propose coils based on custom specifications: internal diameter, height, fiber type and length and winding pattern.


Benefits & Features

  • Small footprint
  • RoHS compliant
  • Custom winding patterns
  • Coil winding service for wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Freestanding available
  • PM or SM fibers


  • Robustness of astrix fiber optic gyros in space radiative environment

    A. Paveau, G. Cros, R. Mangeret, S. Mariojouls & J.J. Bonnefois.

    10th International ESA Conferenceon Guidance, Navigation & Control systems – June 2017

    Development of radiation resistant passive and doped fibers started 10 years ago at iXblue. With tens of satellites flying using iXblue Optical Fibers, we now have access to data from real space environment – not only lab irradiation testing.

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Pmg Gyro Fiber: IXF-PMG-BC-1550-80-019(-LS)

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Polarization maintaining splicing protocol for ixblue pmg tiger ib IXF-PMG-IB-1550-80-019-ls using the fujikura fsm-100p splicer

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