Optical Pulse Shaper & Laser Front End


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iXblue offers the most comprehensive portfolio of versatile sub-nanosecond laser pulse generation transmitter based on unparalleled LiNbO3 modulator design.

These turn-key ModBoxes combine the best available optoelectronics components to provide state of the art optical pulse performances.

These ModBoxes are available over a wide wavelength range and can be tailored to specific applications:

  • ModBox-PG: to generate square optical pulses
  • ModBox-PS: to generate arbitrary shaped optical pulses
  • ModBox-FE: to generate energetic arbitrary shaped pulses
  • ModBox-SB: to suppress the Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
  • ModBox-PP: to pulse pick
  • ModBox-DER: to measure Very High Extinction Ratios
  • ModBox-CBC: to combine several beams with individual phase adjustments

A set of several Standards ModBox units is already available, please refer to the data-sheet ModBox collection below. If your ModBox product does not exist, a customized and dedicated solution can be built for you.

iXblue has accumulated a strong experience in such systems and successfully installed them in many laboratories over the world. To warrant the success of your project in a timely manner, iXblue proposes system demonstration as well as on-site installation with training of local staff. Please contact us to learn more about these services.


Benefits & Features

  • Turn-Key and standalone sub-ns pulse laser
  • High quality optical pulse
  • Proven solution
  • Custom design


  • Laser cutting
  • Inertial confinement fusion
  • Interaction of intense light with matter
  • Laser plasma interaction
  • Laser implosion
  • Interaction of ion beam with HP laser
  • Material processing
  • High-power fiber lasers for directed-energy applications

Main Specifications

  • Very high pulse contrast
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • Low intrinsic jittering


Product Specification Datasheet
ModBox-PG-30ps PDF More info
ModBox-PG-50ps PDF More info
ModBox-PG-100ps PDF More info
ModBox-PS-125ps PDF More info
ModBox-PS-250ps PDF More info
ModBox-FE-125ps-1nJ PDF More info
ModBox-FE-125ps-100µJ PDF More info
ModBox-SB-NIR-0.3nm More info
ModBox-SB-NIR-1.5nm More info
ModBox-OPP-LAB-CBand PDF More info
ModBox-OPP-LAB-NIR800 PDF More info
ModBox-OPP-LAB-NIR PDF More info
ModBox-DER-NIR PDF More info
ModBox-CBC-1064 nm PDF More info
ModBox-CBC-2000 nm PDF More info

Advanced modulation solutions for fiber lasers: high-energy and high-power lasers

Learn with the following replay of our recent iXlive webinar how the ModBox offers an ideal solution as modulation solution for High Energy and High Power lasers:

Applications Notes

iXblue technical and markets introduction of linbo3 modulators for NIR laser application

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Components and systems for high energy and high power lasers

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