Maritime 2023 Edition

The ocean is at the heart of the world’s attention. Not only is it the core of an incredible and critical ecosystem, but its economics are expanding exponentially. From energy production and oceanographic sciences, to seabed exploration, fisheries and transportation, the activities it encompasses are vast, and with them comes an infinite source of innovation.

As pioneers of ocean technology, from sensors to autonomous platforms, both iXblue and ECA Group have, for the past decades, dedicated their efforts to pushing back the limits of science to venture into unknown territories. By joining forces and becoming Exail, our teams will continue to create innovative ocean  technologies to deliver unrivaled performance and reliability to the industry.

This is why, today, an increasing number of maritime operators are placing their trust in the technologies developed by Exail. Our customer-base keeps growing year after year across a wide range of activities, from the coastline to the deep sea. By choosing Exail, our customers and partners seek very concrete operational
advantages: reliability, operational ef ficiency, flexibility, data quality, endurance at sea, 24/7 technical support responsiveness and proximity from any of our 32 worldwide offices.

At Exail, not only do we offer cutting-edge technologies to expand our customers capabilities, but we also empower them through innovation and longterm partnerships. Moved by curiosity, we are committed to working together with our clients and partners to foster technological innovation and help them rise to the most complex challenges.

In the next few pages, you’ll be able to discover the great stories our customers live everyday using our products and solutions. 2022 has indeed been a record year for Exail in the offshore and geoscience markets. Our aim has always been to bring operational efficiency to the industry, and the cheer number
of our products deployed on the field is proof of that. As of today, over 80% of underwater vehicles are equipped with Exail subsea Inertial Navigation Systems. As we are expanding our range of USBL systems to meet clients’ new requirements, our subsea acoustic positioning systems are also gaining more and more momentum. 2022 was incidentally a highly successful year for our Gaps Series. On the LBL side, our
Canopus is also becoming increasingly popular in the O&G and geosciences markets for its unrivaled sparse array capabilities that are seen as a real revolution in an industry that is seeking more efficient and less costly ways to conduct robust subsea positioning. Finally, as the maritime industry makes its transition towards more efficient and environmental-friendly autonomous operations, we have positioned ourselves as key players in the field of maritime autonomy, offering industrychanging autonomous technologies
such as our DriX USV, as well as our brand new R7 ROV.

Be assured that we will not stop there. We will accelerate our investments to continue developing our offer and better respond to your ever evolving needs. This is why this year, we are excited to be able to share with you many new products and innovations in the subsea navigation and positioning domains that will keep
bringing even more efficiency to your maritime operations. Make sure to stay tuned!

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