Aluminum Coated Fibers

Harsh Environment Fibers

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For extreme temperature and radiation resistance

Exail provides specialty optical fibers coated with Aluminum to operate under harsh environments. Leveraging the R&D work of the 3F2E project to develop metallic coated fibers, Exail’s aluminum coated fibers can operate from cryogenic temperatures up to +400°C. Aluminum coated fibers also offers excellent chemical resistance and can be used under high-vacuum thanks to low intrinsic outgassing.

Aluminum is also hermetic to water vapor, reducing dramatically corrosion induced fatigue with a corrosion parameter more than five times that of conventional polymer coated fibers. Hermeticity to Hydrogen also prevents the diffusion of molecular hydrogen to the fiber core which can cause hydrogen darkening.

Aluminum coating also shows excellent mechanical stability under high radiation levels, making it the preferred choice for environments with both extreme temperatures and radiation levels. Aluminum coating can be applied on Rad-Hard fibers made of a Pure Silica Core (PSC) for the highest radiation levels as well as on Germanium-doped fiber for operation under low to moderate radiation doses.

Custom developments of a fiber with a specific core/cladding composition or geometry are possible together an Aluminum coating, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Benefits & Features

  • +400°C long term temperature
  • Singlemode and multimode fibers
  • Rad-Hard fibers (Pure Silica Core) and Ge-doped
  • Hermetic to water vapor and hydrogen
  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • Nuclear environments
  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace & rocket engines



Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-RAD-SM-1550-014-AL High radiation level
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-SM-1060-125-014-AL 0.14 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-SM-1550-125-014-AL 0.14 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-SM-1550-125-019-AL 0.19 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-50-125-020-AL 50 µm core diameter
0.20 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-MMSI-L-200-220-022-AL 200 µm core diameter
0.22 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info