Graded-Index Multimode Fibers

Single Mode & Multimode Fibers

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iXblue offers graded-index multimode fibers with various core size and NA. Standard MMGI fibers have a Ge-doped core surrounded by a silica cladding, radiation resistant MMGI fibers are also available and have a Fluorinated core.

The doping composition of the core can also be tailored for optimized transmission in the UV.

Fibers with cladding diameter between 80 and 550 µm can be manufactured with various core size, NA and coating (acrylate, high-temperature acrylate or polyimide).


Benefits & Features

  • Ge-doped, or F-doped core for solarization/radiation resistance
  • 50-125, 62.5-125, or custom geometries
  • Cladding diameter up to 550 µm
  • High temperature acrylate and polyimide coatings


  • Sensing
  • Plasma diagnostic
  • UV fiber


Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-MMGI-19-80-017 19 µm core diameter
0.17 core NA
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-33-145-024 33 µm core diameter
0.24 core NA
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-50-125-020 50 µm core diameter
0.20 core NA
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-50-125-020-AL 50 µm core diameter
0.20 core NA
Aluminum coating
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-50-250-020-PI 50µm core diameter
Polyimide coating
PDF More info
IXF-MMGI-62-125-027 62.5 µm core diameter
0.27 core NA
PDF More info