Defense 2022 Edition

The past year has been full of major successes and milestones for iXblue on the land defense market. Our solutions are making a name for themselves, and proving they match the strong reputation that iXblue already has in the naval navigation domain. Centered around a comprehensive range of inertial navigation systems (Advans Series) and stabilized platforms (Stab Series), we cover a wide spectrum of applications for land forces. Our land solutions are now being used by armies in over 20 countries, in over 30 different systems… and the list is growing every year.

One of our biggest successes can be found on the navigation side. Early on, we anticipated future army needs and understood that, in the event of a high intensity conflict, they would face increasing GNSS disruption threats, namely jamming and spoofing, over a large area. We also understood the cost constraints of having to equip an entire fleet of tactical vehicles. This is why we developed Advans Ursa: an INS with true GNSS-free navigation capabilities, in a cost-effective package. It was confirmed in 2021 that this solution would be onboard the Spanish Army’s 8×8 VCR Dragon. This mark of trust is a testimony to Advans Ursa inherent qualities as a navigation system. Taken more broadly, as Advans Ursa is a one-of-a-kind solution, it also demonstrates the coherence of a fully inertial (GNSS-free) navigation solution for a whole park of tactical or armored vehicles. Following this recognition, many system integrators and armies are now taking strong interested in Advans Ursa, worldwide.
Other domains are not left out either. 2021 saw several successes for iXblue in artillery systems through, most notably, Nexter’s order of 59 Advans Vega for the Czech Army’s CAESAR 8×8 155mm self-propelled howitzers. It is a true renewal of faith as this high-performance INS dedicated to long-range applications is already onboard the Danish CAESAR 8×8, but also in Nexter’s 105LG1 105mm towed howitzer of several other armies. Our solutions are also selected for an increasing number of ground-to-ground radar systems and anti-air defense systems.

iXblue’s decades old expertise in motion simulation is also getting more and more recognition among defense systems manufacturers. By covering the full range of motion simulators, from single-axis to three-axis rate tables and Hardware-in-the-Loop, we are capable of providing solutions for manufacturers for all kind of testings, including those with very high standards, such as missile manufacturers.

Lastly, retaining the same anticipation spirit, we are already working on navigation solutions for autonomous Uncrewed Ground Vehicles (UGV). The latter need precise and continuous navigational data, which our range of INS can provide. Our stabilized platforms can also be fitted on these new systems.

In the following pages, you will get a small glimpse of our solutions and recent successes. We hope we get to meet you soon to discuss how iXblue can become a partner in your projects.

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