Defense 2023 Edition

In the face of evolving challenges, in Northern Europe and worldwide, the importance of robust defense capabilities backed by cutting-edge technologies is more apparent than ever. As we gather at DSEI 2023, we cannot overlook the current geopolitical context, which reminds us of the defense industry’s critical role in preserving peace and stability. At Exail, we firmly believe that the development of disruptive technologies is vital, and as a global technology leader, we are committed to providing them.

Exail’s solutions have played a leading role in powering major naval advancements and expanding land defense capabilities for numerous armed forces worldwide. Our dedication to innovation and long-term collaboration has earned us the trust and respect of defense forces who rely on our technologies to enhance their operational effectiveness.

In the naval sector, we highlight, in this magazine, the Royal Navy’s choice to equip its Astute-class submarines with Exail’s high-performance Marins Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Likewise, the French Navy has been relying on our WECDIS navigation software for two decades to ensure safe navigation and conduct demanding naval missions. Another iconic example of our disruptive technologies is the next-generation stand-off mine countermeasures integrated system, chosen by the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies for their rMCM program. In the following pages, you will learn how our autonomous drones empower them with the capacity to detect, classify, identify, and neutralize mines and other potential hazards while keeping crews out of harm’s way.

As for the field of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), the deployment of our DriX USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle), and A9 AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) by the US and French Navies for major military exercises testifies to our advanced capabilities in safeguarding critical waters.

In the field of land defense, as we acknowledge the challenges arising from an overreliance on GNSS signals, we are confident that our technologies, developed through years of experience in the naval domain, are best suited to address these challenges. Exail offers land forces the means to operate safely and with high precision in GNSS-denied environments, knowing where they are at all times, and also prepares them for the most challenging operations with our driving simulation equipment. In the upcoming pages, you will learn about our range of scalable and highly reliable Advans INS and gyrostabilized platforms, as well as our latest offering in driving simulators. Furthermore, you will discover how our smart land and air robotics revolutionize reconnaissance and inspection tasks, providing land forces with a tactical advantage while minimizing risks to personnel.

As you explore the pages of this magazine, you will witness the tangible impact of Exail’s technologies on the field. From enhancing naval capabilities to advancing land defense operations, each article showcases our commitment to excellence and our partners’ unwavering trust in our capabilities.

We hope these next pages will trigger your interest and we eagerly look forward to meeting you at DSEI to discuss how we can collaborate on your future projects!

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