Phins Compact C3

Most compact INS for customized subsea integration

On demand

SKU 00208375 Export restrictions : dual-use

Based on FOG technology mastered by iXblue for over 30 years. iXblue offers a complete range of high-grade inertial navigation systems dedicated to unmanned vehicles. iXblue has been providing inertial navigation systems and acoustic positioning systems for AUVs for more than 15 years. This almost unique experience allows us to provide the widest range of systems fitting all needs for AUVs with unrivaled performance and a global solution approach. Packing List – Phins compact C3: –IMU Sub-assembly (part 1/2) x1 –Electronic stack (part 2/2) x1 -Power supply interface cable 3,3V (4 pins) (SCA00420) x1 -Power supply IMU Cable 24V (3 pins connectors) (SCA00260) x1 -FOG DSP flat flexible cable (SCA00062) x1 -USB Memory stick (User Manuals) x1 -Nicomatic CMM connector 222S06M16 (6 pins) (CCS02035) x1 -Nicomatic CMM connector 222S26M16 (26 pins) (CCS02037) x1


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