Radiation Sensing Fibers

Harsh Environment Fibers

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For radiation sensing in all radiation sensitive area: high energy physics, nuclear power plants, space, medical labs
Radiation sensing is of prime importance in many challenging areas such as high energy physics laboratory, medical labs and even in space for both equipment and personnel protection. Radiation measurement through point by point detectors can be cumbersome and become extremely costly for vast laboratories. Radiation mapping through distributed measurement technology literally replaces potentially tens or hundreds of point detectors by a single optical fiber cable running through your facility. Optical fiber based radiation sensing is thus a a real game-changer. More fibers are available on stock and we have furthermore the ability to custom design your fiber based on your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific technical requirements.


Benefits & Features

  • distributed radiation measurement
  • personnel protection
  • Outstanding mechanical protection


  • High energy physics laboratory
  • Medical
  • Nuclear facilities

Main specifications



Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-RAD-SENSE-HI High sensitivity, low dose measurement
Acrylate coating
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IXF-RAD-SENSE-SM-1550 Medium to high dose measurement
Acrylate coating
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  • Monitoring of Ultra-High Dose Rate Pulsed X-ray Facilities with Radioluminescent Nitrogen-Doped Optical Fiber

    Jeoffray Vidalot, Cosimo Campanella, Julien Dachicourt, Claude Marcandella, Olivier Duhamel, Adriana Morana, David Poujols, Gilles Assaillit, Marc Gaillardin, Aziz Boukenter, Youcef Ouerdane, Sylvain Girard and Philippe Paillet

    Sensors 2022, 22(9), 3192


    The fiber tested was a multimode (MM) nitrogen-doped fiber (~50 μm large core) manufactured by Exail (Lannion, France), in the framework of collaboration with Laboratoire Hubert Curien of Université Jean Monnet (St Etienne—France) and CEA.

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