Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fibers

Photonic Crystal & Multicore Fibers

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Optical signal in a hollow core photonic bandgap fiber is guided in an air core surrounded by a high air filling factor PBG microstructured region (>90%). Added to the low bend sensitivity due to the core high NA, this confers to this fiber design significantly reduced material nonlinearities since more than 95% of optical power is propagating in air.

In addition air/undoped silica provides excellent temperature immunity critical for high performance fiber sensing and metrology applications.



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Benefits & Features

  • Air core, ultra-low nonlinear coefficient
  • Low background losses
  • Low dispersion in the centre of the transmission band


  • Power delivery
  • Fiber sensors
  • Nonlinear applications (pulse compression, shaping)

Main Specifications



Wavelength max (nm) : 700 – 1150

Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-HCF-11-80-750 Operating wavelength at 750 nm PDF More info
IXF-HCF-12-85-785 Operating wavelength at 785 nm PDF More info
IXF-HCF-10-100-950 Operating wavelength at 950 nm PDF More info
IXF-HCF-10-110-1060 Operating wavelength at 1060 nm PDF More info