Low Noise Optical Amplifier

Optical amplifier

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This Low Noise Optical Amplifier provides excellent optical performances specifically at very low input power either for single or multi-channel configuration for space applications with very low power consumption and light weight. Optical components selected in this amplifier are space qualified.

The LNOA design is based on Exail ASE sources for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes already deployed in space as well as 15 years of experience in radiation resistant optical fibers. With this ready-to-fly optical amplifier, users can accelerate space development and save on NRE – Non-Recurrent Engineering – cost.


To ensure the highest quality and reliability, only space-qualified optical components have been selected for use in this amplifier. This, coupled with Exail’s extensive experience in radiation-resistant optical fibers, means that the LNOA is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of space.


Benefits & Features

  • > 40 dB gain with -50 dB input power
  • Compact and low power consumption
  • < 4 dB Low Noise Figure
  • COTS to FM versions
  • Ready to fly unit


  • Telecommunication for satellite constellations
  • Low signal amplification on Rx side

Main Options

  • Wavelength customization possible


Product Specification Datasheet
IXS-LNOA-C-X-RAD Low Noise Optical Amplifier for space applications PDF More info