Low Linewidth Single Frequency DFB Laser

FBG Laser Components

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For distributed feedback single-frequency fiber laser

iXblue’s single-frequency fiber lasers are based on UV Bragg grating technology applied to active rare-earth photosensitive fibers. Ultra short cavity length and phase-shifted design permit ultra-narrow linewidth and robust mode-hop-free laser source properties, ideal for various sensor applications.

1.5 and 2 µm available upon request.


Benefits & Features

  • Narrow-linewidth
  • Single longitudinal mode
  • Mode-hop-free
  • Linear polarization
  • Low intrinsic phase noise
  • WDM compatible
  • Low optical feedback sensitivity
  • 125 or 80μm clad diameter
  • Wavelength range 1530 – 1565nm and 2 µm
  • PM available
  • SMSR > 50 dB
  • Output power: > 10 mW (> 10 µW for low noise version)


  • Acoustic sensing
  • Hydrophone
  • Cold atom
  • Interferometry
  • Spectroscopy


Product Specification Datasheet
IXC-CLFO-HP-1550 1.5 µm – other wavelengths available
> 1 mW
PDF More info
IXC-CLFO-LN-1550 1.5 µm – other wavelengths available
Low noise, >10 µW
PDF More info
IXC-CLFO-LN-1550-PM 1.5 µm – other wavelengths available
Low noise, >10 µW
PM version
PDF More info
Low noise, >0.5 mW
PM version
PDF More info


  • 2051 nm narrow linewidth all-fibre dfb laser for holmium-doped fibre-amplifier applications

    D. Traoré, W. Walasik, A Amavigan, R. E. Tench, JM. Delavaux (Cybel); E. Pinsard (iXblue)

    ECOC 2020 – December 2020

    We report the design and performance of a single frequency all-fibre 2051 nm distributed feedback (DFB) laser source employing fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs). Output powers up to 36 mW CW and optical signal-to-noise ratios of > 65 dB/0.05 nm are obtained. Heterodyne measurements yield laser linewidths of ~130 kHz FWHM…

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