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From the design to the manufacturing, iXblue masters the complete production chain of specialty fibers, Bragg gratings, high speed modulation solutions and micro-optic assemblies. We provide turn-key laser systems delivering continuous and sub-ns pulsed signal wave, as well as instruments.  Our solutions support a very wide variety of applications including high speed communications, fibers-based sensors, space, science, medical, and quantum technologies.


  • Aug 20
    Aug 22
    • Photonics & Space

    NOR-FISHING 2024

    Trondheim, Norway

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iXblue is on track to create a new European leader in photonics and quantum technologies. Its Photonics Division was already rich in two historical activities in the field of ultra-fast optical modulators based on lithium niobate technology and in the field of special optical fibers. It has known an important development in Spring 2021 with the acquisition of the two technological gems Muquans and Kylia.
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