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Nicolas Bernard

Product Manager

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With over 600 systems operating worldwide, iXblue offers a complete range of motion systems including single and multi-axis rate tables, dynamic motion simulators and centrifuges. Every year, millions of inertial components (gyros, INS, IMU, AHRS, accelerometers), seekers and optical sensors are designed, calibrated and tested using iXblue complete product range.

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Technical Support

Trusted Partner for your Projects

Leveraging 60 years of unique experience in the design and manufacturing of advanced motion simulators, iXblue off-the-shelf and custom-designed rate tables offer unrivaled price-performance ratio. Scalable, they provide accuracy and dynamic capabilities that precisely meet the specific needs of each customer. From the definition of the need, to the design, production, installation and maintenance phases, iXblue is there every step of the way to ensure the success of every single project.

Quality and Innovation in our DNA

iXblue has end-to-end control of its value chain, from the design work carried out in its engineering offices through to manufacturing in the company’s own production shops. This brings great flexibility and agility to the company, allowing it to adapt better to the specific needs of its customers and to market trends.

Research and development is central to our activities and our company is recognized as a pioneer in many technical disciplines. This focus on innovation has enabled us to establish and maintain a leading position in our strategic markets over the past three decades.

Advanced mechanics

iXblue uses best-in-class tools and processes for mechanical design and finite-element-analysis providing:

  • Higher resonant frequencies resulting in wider bandwidth
  • Best-in-class precision of mechanical structures
  • Modularity of design between all Series for better commonality and lower upgrade costs
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Advanced electronics

iXblue pioneered the use of key state-of-the-art technologies in motion simulation:

  • Low cogging AC direct drive motors designed for enhanced stability
  • High performance drives with minimum ripple
  • High performance optical encoders with high resolution (< 0.02 arc sec)
  • High quality standard or custom slip-rings, and fiber-optic, gas and fluid rotary joints
  • Proprietary model based digital electronics for improved positioning and rate accuracy
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Unrivaled control

iXblue has patented advanced axis control technologies that are implemented within the nGine controller:

  • Auto-tuning of controller parameters
  • Adaptive sine bandwidth enhancement with minimal attenuation and phase-shift
  • Anti-coupling between axis
  • Advanced unbalance and fault detection
  • Auto-tuned anti-cogging
  • Real-time built-in-test
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