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Let’s build your future together

Working at iXblue means you will be joining an innovative and fast-paced company that strongly believes in its employees’ empowerment and development. Enjoying a flexible and friendly work environment, our employees work everyday on projects that push technological boundaries and that contribute to making a difference to our World. So why not begin your journey with us?

Why join iXblue ?

A Strong Development Culture


At iXblue, we encourage professional growth and value learning, progress, and individual success. Through our commitment to development we encourage employees to chart career paths aligned with their personal interests and offer opportunities to help you develop your skills, knowledge and personal characteristics.

We recognize the value of our employees and want them to feel fulfilled within their roles. This is why we offer career paths that not only encourage promotions, but also job mobility throughout our various businesses and locations.

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Trust and empowerment

At iXblue, we strongly believe in our employees and make sure that all voices are being heard. We believe in a flat organization that allows for more collaborative, interconnected and agile teamwork. Enjoying great autonomy and responsibilities, our employees are empowered with decision-making authority and encouraged to collaborate across teams to bring novel ideas and foster innovation.

A flexible and friendly work environment

Offering adaptable work environments, iXblue employees enjoy great flexibility in their workdays/hours, whether working from the office or telecommuting.

Benefiting from an enjoyable culture, positive work environments and comfortable workplaces, iXblue promotes employee’s wellbeing and often organizes social gatherings and team building activities to nurture fun and happy work environments.

Teamwork and communication between business lines and locations are further encouraged by social communication tools that keep team members connected.

Our Values

Our values are what defines us as a company. They are the foundation of our culture and inspire us in fulfilling our purpose: working together with you to push back the limits of what is possible, helping you explore and build a safer and sustainable world.


Open minded, we question the status quo. We are animated by a pioneering spirit that pushes us to venture into the unexplored and push back the limits of what is possible. Genuinely curious about our customers we come up with innovative ways to solve their challenges.


We combine this drive for innovation and value-creation to being an agile company that understands and anticipates market trends. Mastering the dynamics of technological innovation in a fast-paced world, we cross-fertilize our knowledge and unique blend of technologies to connect industries and foster innovation in our markets.


We are determined and daring. Being bold is in our DNA and we never give up. We set ourselves ambitious goals and are committed to achieve them through drive and persistence. Whatever your challenges, and however severe your environment, we will be supporting you every step of the way.


We strongly believe in collaboration and work in close relationship with our customers and partners to promote the circulation of ideas and foster technological convergence. Co-creation and cooperation are at the heart of all our actions and help us support you in exploring and building a safer and sustainable world.

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Send us your application anyway and we’ll be happy to review it and see if it matches any future career opportunity we might have!