Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fibers

Photonic Crystal & Multicore Fibers

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Optical signal in a hollow core anti-resonant fiber propagates in an air core surrounded by single ring of anti-resonant tube elements. Guidance is based on an anti-resonance from the thin glass membranes constituted by the non-touching tubes surrounding the hollow core. The extremely low overlap of guided power with the surrounding silica, less than 2×10-5, added to the mode effective area, confers to this fibre design record material non-linearity.



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Benefits & Features

  • High damage threshold
  • Nearly single mode guidance
  • Ultra low dispersion in the transmission bands


  • Low latency data transmission
  • Gas-filled AR hollow core fibre laser
  • Molecular tracing, gas detection
  • High power delivery for pico- and sub-picoseconds optical pulses

Main Specifications



Product Specification Datasheet
IXF-ARF-40-240 Operating wavelength at 750 nm PDF More info
IXF-ARF-33-160-V1 Operating wavelength at 1064 nm PDF More info
IXF-ARF-45-240-V1 Operating wavelength at 1550 nm
Ideal for telecom application – low latency fiber
PDF More info
IXF-ARF-40-230 Operating wavelength at 2000 nm PDF More info
IXF-ARF-120-400 Operating wavelength at 3000 nm PDF More info