3D Multibeam Echosounder for biomass survey


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· Easy to deploy (pole, hull, USV, offshore structure mounted)

· 120° x 120° volume coverage with high volumetric resolution (0.6 m3 @ 100 m)

· Backscattering strength measurement (BS) and bathymetry (IHO special order)

· 3D structure and shoal morphological characteristics

· User friendly In-situ calibration protocol on standard targets (tungsten sphere)


Highly accurate biomass monitoring

High-resolution imaging

The SeapiX-R multibeam echosounder significantly expands the observation swath from 7–20° to 120–150° or greater with high spatial resolution, utilizing beam widths of 1–3°. This improvement allows for better separation of targets close to structures and potentially provides the ability to quantify the spatial distribution and abundance of targets around offshore structures. Additionally, SeapiX-R’s resolution offers new insights, functioning as an “acoustic camera” for underwater structures and organisms.

High-volumetric scanning capabilities

With a scanning range of -60 to +60 degrees, the SeapiX-R 3D multibeam echosounder offers highly volumetric scanning capabilities. A crucial feature for assessing biomass distribution in three dimensions. Able to simultaneously capture data from multiple directions, SeapiX-R provides comprehensive coverage of the surveyed area, enhancing biomass monitoring efficiency and accuracy. Especially when integrated as a fixed platform.

Easy to deploy and operate

A modular sonar

The SeapiX-R is a versatile sonar that can be integrated onto various platforms, including research vessels, unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and fixed structures such as buoys and floating wind turbines. The portable version of the SeapiX (lighter than 30kg) enables surveys on opportunity boat with a pole mounted configuration.

This versatility allows operators to conduct biomass monitoring surveys in a wide range of marine environments, from shallow coastal waters to deep ocean regions.



A user-friendly interface

The SeapiX-R features a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive and easy to operate for researchers and marine professionals. Offering acoustic swaths, echograms, global biomass analyzer outputs and seabed bathymetry data display, it streamlines data collection and analysis workflows, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Real-time data processing

Equipped with advanced signal processing capabilities, the SeapiX-R can process and analyze data in real-time. This allows operators to obtain immediate insights into underwater environments and to analyse biomass data as it is collected, facilitating efficient and timely decision-making and data interpretation.

Robust and reliable

Built to withstand harsh marine conditions, the SeapiX-R is rugged and durable, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments such as offshore windfarm sites. Its robust construction and advanced engineering also make it suitable for long-term deployment in various marine research projects.


  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Long-Term Monitoring for Offshore Renewable Structure
  • Biomass assessment
  • Fisheries Research


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