3D Multibeam Echosounder for Research


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Nicolas Buisson

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SeapiX-R is a solid-state 3D multibeam sonar that provides accurate water column coverage, biomass assessment and seabed mapping and characterization. It brings new insights to the scientific community for the evaluation and the monitoring of marine environments.


SeapiX-CSeapiX-R is the first compact civilian system comprising a dual Mills Cross multibeam sonar transducer offering total liberty of control. Its multiple advanced modulation modes, including CHIRP, combined with Doppler processing, are guarantees of the highest possible detection performance, even in difficult conditions.





  •  120°x1.5 volume coverage
  •  Target strength split beam measurement in all beams (TS)
  •  Volume backscattering strength measurement (SV)
  •  In-situ calibration on a standard target (tungsten carbide 22mm)
  •  Backscattering strength measurement (BS) and bathymetry (IHO special order: 1a in stand alone)
  •  Real-time single-echo detection
  •  Highly configurable (scenarios, data needed, real-time streams)
  •  No blind zone




  •  3D shoal behavior and fish avoidance study
  •  Displaying acoustic swaths, echograms, GBA outputs and seabed bathymetry/backscatter values
  • Data format export to Echoview and Movie 3D
  • Real-time stream to Delph interpretation and Olex


  • Fishery research
  • Fish migration monitoring
  • Biomass monitoring
  • Seabed characterization


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