90° Optical Hybrid


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COH 90° optical hybrids enable to extract phase, amplitude and polarization by performing interferences between a Signal and a Local Oscillator.

The COH24 is a single polarization 90° optical hybrid that enables to extract phase and amplitude from a single polarization signal by performing four 90° phase stepped interferences between the signal and a Local Oscillator (LO). The COH24-X is a new generation optical hybrid with improved performances (among other things, a wider operating wavelength range and much better dual uniformities).

The COH28 and COH28-X are based on two single polarization 90° optical hybrids that can extract phase, amplitude and polarization from a signal with any polarization.

These products are purely passive and athermal.

The COH24-X and COH28-X also feature a phase tunability option in order to perfectly adjust the 90° of the hybrid depending on the wavelength used.

iXblue also offers dual-polarization 180° hybrids.


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