Oceano R5

Oceanographic acoustic release

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Oceano R5 is the latest version of iXblue’s oceanographic acoustic release.
It is ideal for releasing up to 2,500kg payload after a long-term deployment in harsh environment down to 6,000m water depth.
Fitted with a positive drive-off release mechanism, it is extremely reliable. The combination of an optimized design in a robust Super Duplex Stainless Steel (SDSS) housing offers outstanding corrosion resistance.

Packing list
The Oceano R5 acoustic release is delivered in a marine plywood transit box together with an opening tool, a digital copy of the user guide, the ATR and a set of two Delrin® (plastic) bushings.
– Transport case dimensions: 790 x 280 x 240 mm
– Gross weight: 36 kg

As standard, no release ring is delivered with the acoustic release. However, a dedicated unit made of super duplex stainless steel for corrosion prevention is available for this model.





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