Oceano TT801

Deck set unit for iXblue Acoustic Releases

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Oceano TT801 low frequency band acoustic telecommand unit is designed to activate the full range of Oceano acoustic releases, actuators and releasable transponders from iXblue.

Compact, portable, versatile and light weight, the Oceano TT801 can be connected to various dunking transducers depending on the length of cable required and can be easily operated from big research vessels but also very small rubber boats.

Oceano TT801 deck set features also a digital receiver fully compatible with CW tonal and Posidonia M-FSK signals for ranging, command acknowledgments and audio confirmation of received signal as well. Oceano TT801 can be operated from internal rechargeable batteries or from external DC and AC power supplies.

Design and Features

– Operating range: 12,000m

– Operating frequency: LF

– Dimensions: 430 x 250 x 160 mm

– Ingress Protection: IP65 splash proof cabinet

– External AC source: 100-240 VAC, 47-60 Hz

– External DC source: 18 to 36 VDC

Standard configuration includes the surface telecommand unit itself and its dunking transducer (30m), with optional transducers designed for harsh/difficult operating conditions:

– Standard transducer: 30-P

– Ruggedized transducer: 30-R

Packing List

The TT801 is delivered in a wooden transit box together with :

– a dunking or rugged transducer

– an AC Mains cord

– a 24 VDC power supply cable

– headphones (for audio indication of acoustic signal reception)

– a digital copy of the user guide

– the ATR.

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