Oceano 2500T Universal/Hadal

Oceanographic acoustic release

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Oceano 2500T Universal/Hadal (Oceano AR891B2T) is a robust, reliable and field-proven acoustic release which is designed for deployment down to 12,000 m water depth and constructed of high tensile strength titanium grade 5 with excellent corrosion resistance.
The compact yet durable design of Oceano 2500T acoustic release is ideal for long term deployment and harsh working conditions.
The standard features include a safe working load of 2,500 kg for lifting operations and a 2,500 kg well proven and positive drive-off release mechanism, long ranging capability as well as pinger mode and diagnostic built-in functions.
Oceano 2500T acoustic release is controlled using the LF surface telecommand deck set (TT801 or any older product) associated to the appropriate transducer.

Design and Features:
– Depth Rating: 12,000m
– Frequency: LF band
– Release load: 2,500 kg
– Mechanical Construction: Stainless Steel

Packing List
Oceano 2500T Universal/Hadal is delivered in a marine plywood transit box together with an opening tool, a digital copy of the user guide, the ATR and a set of two Delrin® (plastic) bushings.
– Transit case dimensions: 940x310x280 mm
– Gross weight: 38 kg

As standard, no release ring is delivered with hadal acoustic releases. However, a dedicated unit made of Titanium for corrosion prevention is available for each model.





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