Atlans A7

Navigation grade INS for land and air georeferencing applications

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SKU 169379 Export restrictions : dual-use

Atlans A7 is a high-performance all-in-one position & orientation system for both land and air applications. It benefits from smart coupling techniques between iXblue INS based on FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) and Septentrio GNSS receiver embedded. Atlans A7 is a robust and cost-effective north-finding inertial navigation solution that will provide continuous data even in the most challenging applications.

Atlans Data Analyzer (Free tool):

Packing List
– Atlans A7, embedded GNSS receiver x1
– Power Supply Converter – 220 VAC to 24 VDC – Fisher 3 pins – 1,5 m (SEL00008) x1
– Cable – 220 V – 2,5 m – EU (FCO00003) x1
Or Cable UK (FCO00005) x1
Or Cable USA (FCO00006) x1
Or Cable DK (FCO00004) x1
Or Cable AUS (FCO00002) x1
– Cable – Ethernet – Fischer 4 pins – 5 m (SCA00050) x1
– Cable – Pigtail – Fischer 3 pins – 5 m – Power (SCA00051) x1
– Ferrite beads for GNSS antenna cable (EEM00097) x2
– USB flashdrive with user manuals x1
– Certificate of Conformance x1
– Certificate of calibration x1



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