OI 2018 Special Edition

A dream is spreading through the hydrographic, scientific, survey and subsea construction community – to explore new fringes of the ocean, to build structures at greater depths, to measure and monitor wider regions of the world so that the seas and oceans become a resourceful place for sustainable development on earth. What company or scientific institute doing operations at sea is not seeking to extend the range of possibilities? What technology company has not been asked by its customers for new solutions to go deeper, to perform faster surveys, to improve the precision of measurements and images and to solve new challenges in unknown territories? All of this in a very demanding environment where there is a strong need to automate operations, to make them simpler and safer, while keeping costs to a minimum. This dream is as big and as complex as the dream to explore other planets in the solar system. Three things result from this. New technologies have to be developed to bring about change and new possibilities. Complementary technologies have to merge to provide global solutions where each separate technology can only provide part of the answer. In order to bring stronger benefits to operations, existing technologies and systems have to be operated, customized and adapted in partnership with those who are using them on a daily basis. A revolution has to be brought about by all companies and scientific institutes that are cooperating and sometimes competing beneath the surface of the sea, so that all the various skills needed can be used to reach a common goal: inventing and offering new innovative solutions. At iXblue we believe that this dream is within reach and that we can play a role to help make it happen. We believe that commitment to our customers, strong support of their operations, continuous innovation and an open culture, both internally and externally, are the keys that need to be used and further developed. We hope that reading this iXnews will give you a glimpse of what we are doing at iXblue and that they will help you understand the way we think and how we strive to build this dream together. Happy reading!

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