Geosciences 2019 Edition

Through the study of Earth’s complex surface, soils, oceans, rivers and lakes, geosciences investigate the past, observe the present and predict the future behavior of our planet. It also expands our knowledge of the universe by studying other planets, asteroids, and solar systems.

With a strong scientific spirit and a cultivated taste for challenges, iXblue strives to play a significant role in these explorations and support the works of academic research. To do so, we are able to capitalize on the key technologies we master around photonics, navigation, autonomy, subsea imagery, as well as acoustic positioning and that put us at the heart of the major changes the world is experiencing today.

Thanks to our users, it has led us to take part in the most exciting projects. iXblue has worked closely with agencies, institutes, research laboratories and private actors worldwide to develop the best instrumentation and our products have been used on the most exciting projects. Over the years, we were able to build a trusted portfolio of products and services and are continuing, today, to invest and develop new systems with continuous added value. In the last years, we were able to release no less than five innovations: Canopus, our smart LBL for underwater positioning, DriX, already recognized as the most serious and flexible USV at sea, blueSeis our breakthrough product for rotational measurement seismology, SeapiX our sonar that brings more volume and resolution for complete environment monitoring and finally our completely reshaped range of INS for AUVs with the FOG based Phins Com-pact Series. The RETEX on these latest products is beyond our expectations and we are eager to share them with a wider audience. Of course, our star products such as Octans, Hydrins, Atlans, Gaps, Posidonia, Echoes, Delph and Oceano also continue to be endlessly enhanced to meet iXblue’s users evolving requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability, ease-of-use and more efficient data collection, processing, and reporting.

In the following pages, you will discover some of the incredible stories we live with our customers everyday and that help us push back the limits of the unexplored. We hope you will enjoy reading them!

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