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The Second Quantum Revolution is unfolding now, exploiting the enormous advancements in our ability to detect and manipulate individual quantum objects (photons, atoms, ions, …). In particular, the groundbreaking experiments using entangled quantum states, awarded with the 2022 physics Nobel Prize, have cleared the way for new technology based upon quantum information.

iXblue Quantum Sensors division (formerly Muquans), founded in 2011 in the very footsteps of Alain Aspect by 3 of his former students, is the world’s first company to commercialize industry-grade quantum sensors based on laser cooled atoms. Such sensors are now operated worldwide by non specialist, from the top of Mount Etna to Antarctica.

iXblue’s Portfolio for Quantum Technologies

Beyond Quantum Sensing, other remarkable technology developments enable mature applications in Quantum Communication, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Computing in public laboratories and in the industry. Should you rely on photons, neutral atoms, trapped ions, NV-centers to implement Quantum Technologies, our expertise and products will help reaching the most ambitious goals.

Here is an example of setup for the manipulation of quantum systems using iXblue’s components, sub-systems and fully integrated systems:



iXblue offers a new generation of agile and intelligent laser systems (ILS) offering a precise control of the laser amplitude, phase and absolute frequency with fast tunability.

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The Integrated Micro-Optics Bench (iMOB) represents a ground-breaking approach to design, develop and integrate optical setups with industry-grade optical building blocks.

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iXblue’s LAZ-LAB-NL-1560 is a narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser based on UV Bragg grating technology applied to active rare-earth photosensitive fibers.

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LiNbO3 Amplitude Modulator

iXblue offers the most comprehensive range of commercial LiNbO3 electro-optic modulators, including C-Band and 800 nm & 950 nm bands Amplitude LiNbO3 modulators.

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Phase modulators

iXblue offers the most comprehensive range of commercial LiNbO3 electro-optic modulators, including C-Band and 800 nm & 950 nm bands Phase LiNbO3 modulators.

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Polarizing Fibers

iXblue Polarizing (PZ) fiber is designed so that only one state of polarization is guided along the fiber; any other state of polarization will be lost rapidly thus yielding a high built-in polarization extinction ratio.

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Picture of the AQG in front of the craters prior to its installation in the Pizzi Deneri observatory (© iXblue)

Cold atom gravimetry

The Absolute Quantum Gravimeter (AQG) is the first commercially available gravimeter based on Quantum Technologies and exploits the principle of atom interferometry with laser-cooled atoms.

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Custom-designed micro-optics bench

Integrated Micro-Optical Bench (iMOB Series) offers an ideal solution to turn your photonic lab experiment into a compact and robust system. Based on its expertise on active alignment of optical components in free-space, iXblue offers a reliable and stable component.

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Photonics solutions for Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation

A flagship instrument for Quantum Sensing

iXblue’s Absolute Quantum Gravimeters are now operated worldwide by non-specialists, from the top of Mount Etna to Antarctica. They rely on atom interferometry with laser-cooled Rubidium atom and feature a state-of-the-art measurement performance at the level of 10-8 m/s² stable over years.

iXblue’s developments now benefit the area of Quantum Sensing: turn-key metrology-grade laser systems, integrated micro-optics benches (iMOBs) and modulation solutions are commercially available to precisely control and convey the frequency, phase and amplitude of laser light regardless of the environment.

Picture of the AQG in front of the craters prior to its installation in the Pizzi Deneri observatory (© iXblue)
iXblue’s Absolute Quantum Gravimeter performed the world’s first detection of gravity changes induced by volcanic processes (at a level of 10-8 m/s²).

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Quantum Communication

A key topic of Quantum Technologies regards the ability to share quantum information between distinct parties – either locally or at distance – for which iXblue’s photonics solution provide strong technological advange. For long-distance Quantum Communication, Quantum Repeaters are being developed with iXblue’s Intelligent Laser Systems (ILS) and integrated Micro-optical Benches (iMOB) for reliable field-compatible entanglement distribution.

One of the main current applications today is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and iXblue has become a key player for Continuous-Variable QKD (CV-QKD), but also for Discrete-Variable QKD (DV-QKD). Our modulation solutions with matching components for the transmitter side of the communication (Alice) and COH 90° optical hybrids demodulators enable to extract phase, amplitude and polarization on the receiver side (Bob).

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Modulators with their matching components and demodulator for QKD

Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation

The efforts deployed worldwide by academic laboratories and companies to develop Quantum Processors are tremendous. For every stakeholder, from fundamental research to commercially available machines, state-of-theart reliable photonics components and systems ensure faster development. It also enables to develop and run more and more complex set-ups.

The main physical platforms involved (neutral atoms, photons, ions…) can rely on iXblue’s photonics solutions iMOBs and modulation solutions.

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Towards Quantum Inertial Navigation

iXblue’s R&D teams nurture fruitful collaborations with leading research labs. The iXAtom joint laboratory brings together iXblue and researchers from the Laboratoire Photonique Numérique et Nanosciences – LP2N lab (CNRS / Institut d’Optique Graduate School / Université de Bordeaux) to develop quantum technologies for high end Inertial Sensors.

The iXAtom research team has realized the first 3-axis quantum inertial sensor that allows to measure continuously the acceleration in 3 dimensions and for any orientation of the sensor. This is an important step towards the realization of an inertial navigation system using quantum technologies, and it leverages all of our state-of-the-art photonics solutions.

The 3-axis quantum inertial sensor developed by iXAtom joint laboratory is perfectly suited to on-board operation and may, in the future, overcome the need for current navigation systems to recalibrate frequently with an external device signal such as GNSS.

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Why You Should Choose iXblue

Field proven solutions from deep ocean to outer space

Leveraging 30 years of advanced expertise in Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes, operating from deep ocean to outer space, and 10 years in delivering Quantum Gravimeter from Mount Etna to Antarctica, iXblue’s photonics solutions are able to operate under extreme conditions: they are resistant to external disruptions such as shocks, extreme temperatures, magnetism and vibrations.

A track-record of cutting-edge quantum technologies

iXblue and its Quantum Sensors division (ex-Muquans) is the world’s first company to commercialize industry-grade quantum sensors based on laser cooled atoms, including: the world most accurate atomic clock on the market, the Muclock, the first world quantum gravimeter having performed the detection of gravity changes induced by volcanic processes, on top of Mount Etna.

The development of dedicated intelligent frequency-stabilized laser systems and Integrated micro-optics benches holds the key to such success. This state-of-the-art range of technologies are the results of iXblue’s capability to select the adapted sub-components and to integrate them into turn-key instruments, now operated worldwide by non specialists.

State-of-the-art technologies available for a broad range of users

The laser systems developed by iXblue for atom manipulation and atom cooling/trapping are now available for a broad range of users, including non specialists.

Using such mature lasers for your experiments in quantum technology is a time saver. Some of the most promising innovative companies in the field are already using them, including Pasqal and Welinq.

A ground-breaking approach to design, develop and integrate optical setups with industry-grade optical building blocks

iXblue expertise in the manufacturing of integrated micro-optics benches lies on the ultra-accurate assembly of optical elements on glass breadboards, using 6D positioning. Thanks to its know-how in assembly epoxies, initially developed for the telecom industry, it can provide stable and robust devices, built to be used in extreme environment.

A strong partnership with the best academic laboratories in the field to prepare the next generation technologies

Joint laboratories are partnership research collaborations built between iXblue and academic laboratories around a shared scientific theme. They respond to both the needs of ambitious research and long-term industrial challenges. They offer a structural, flexible, and enduring framework, allowing to leverage on the complementary strengths of both partners and allowing potential technological breakthroughs.

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