Mandli Communications trusts iXblue’s Atlans A7 INS for its data collection operations

Mandli Communications, Inc. is a technological leader in the assembly and implementation of specialized highway data collection platforms. They excel in the integration of high resolution sensors that are used for 3D pavement evaluation and precision asset extraction from LiDAR. Geospatial accuracy is a priority in the creation of the highest quality solution for the customer. To meet that standard, Mandli has turned to iXblue’s Atlans A7 Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and it is now installed in all of their next generation data collection systems.

As Mandli has pushed the envelope in the use of LiDAR for DOT asset inventory and digital terrain modeling, they found it difficult to achieve the vertical resolution needed for precision measurement in the point cloud. In search of a more consistent solution, Mandli identified iXblue’s inertial technology as a better choice for their next-generation data collection vehicle, the X35. Collecting highly detailed, geolocated pavement and asset data, while simultaneously streamlining and automating processes, the X35 needed the most innovative technologies to meet the challenges of data collection projects.

iXblue’s Atlans A7 is a North-seeking INS that offers highly accurate positioning in all environments, even in real-time. The A7 is a prime solution for mapping operations requiring robust data georeferencing. Resistant to GPS outage, the Atlans A7 enables continuous acquisition operations within environments lacking GPS signals (such as urban canyons, tunnels, forests, and mountainous areas) proving to be a valuable system for high accuracy data acquisition without interruption.

To assess the performance of the system, Mandli and iXblue decided to run a series of tests, with Mandli providing critical feedback for fine-tuning the system. iXblue’s engineers enhanced the platform with some adjustments to the INS package that made the technology a robust fit for Mandli’s unique requirements. After evaluating the Atlans A7 against the other industry standard bearers, iXblue was selected to equip Mandli’s new fleet of advanced vehicles.

“Our strategy was to invest in the sensor to improve our capture and spend less time on the post-processing,” explains Ray Mandli, CEO of Mandli Communications. “The Atlans brings a very high-end capability in a small and cost-effective INS package– it proved to be an obvious choice.

“When no GPS is available, iXblue’s INS offers greater accuracy than prior technologies, and we are creating better raw materials for the reduction phase of our work.  iXblue’s customer-care culture was a big part of getting us to the best outcome. They listened to our requirements and adapted the product accordingly. They are very agile and reactive. That’s a big plus. We’ve now been using Atlans A7 for several years and delighted by the performance, durability, and quality.”


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