OI 2022 Special Edition

The ocean represents about 70% of our Planet and was certainly home to the first signs of life, some thousands years ago. Playing a critical role supporting life on Earth, its vast majority still remains uncovered and keeps triggering mankind curiosity. With Space, the Ocean now represents the next frontier that mankind seeks to explore.

An exploration that has been made possible by the sheer amount of incredible technological innovations that have taken place for the past 20 years across all our markets: numerical data, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, uncrewed solutions…. All have been profoundly transforming our day to day lives and we are now witnessing a remarkable shift in the way we work, driven by the need to build a safer and more sustainable world.

These incredible breakthroughs have opened a sea of possibilities that were previously out of reach. We can now dive deeper into the unknown world of our ocean, cover wider areas at a fraction of the time that was previously needed, and we can better understand the Earth subsea geology, ocean dynamic and marine life, all of which can help us understand the Planet we live on and help mankind thrive while also protecting the Earth. All stakeholders involved in our industry must now work hand in hand to reach this common goal. We all need to take our industry further, and help it in its transition, by empowering profound and durable changes.

Animated by a pioneering spirit and a culture of innovation, all men and women working at iXblue are thriving to push back the limits of what is possible to help our customers in their exploration of the ocean. Strongly believing in collaboration, we have been working in close relationship with our customers and partners to bring about disruptive solutions to help solve their challenges. We have been developing robust and advanced technologies able work in much deeper and severe subsea environments; We’ve also been designing and deploying highly reliable uncrewed solutions and high-end sensors able to survey wider areas at a much faster rate with no compromise on performance. All of this helping lowering operations costs and overall carbon footprint, while also increasing safety by reducing men exposure at sea.

In the next few pages, you will be able to discover those innovations and all the amazing projects they have been deployed on. We hope reading those pages will help you get a sense of what animates us at iXblue and that they will give you a glimpse of all the great projects our customers and partners achieve every day!

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