OI 2020 Special Edition

The seas and the oceans are the most extensive – and yet least well-known – expanses of our blue planet. The ocean remains the real “Final Frontier”, an immense environment which is particularly hard to access, and man has always had to come up with treasures of ingenuity to explore the seabeds or access its resources, even if still only very partially.

At iXblue, we are convinced that this inherent difficulty in fact constitutes an opportunity. The desire to push back this frontier is what drives us to innovate every day by finding new solutions with our customers and partners.

Whether the task is installing oil platforms and wind farms, servicing cables, managing coastal areas, mapping as yet unexplored seabeds or monitoring fragile marine ecosystems, there are always new technical and technological challenges to be met. Faced with the economic and technical constraints with which our entire community, both industry and research institutes, are confronted, we now also need to manage the environmental impact of our maritime operations. Something which only makes us more motivated to rise to the challenge!

We will meet these challenges above all by developing our technological expertise. For over 20 years now, iXblue has been continually working towards the emergence of new technologies whilst constantly improving its expertise in its “legacy” technologies. Reading this magazine, you will find out how iXblue is embracing the technological and operational revolution of autonomous and unmanned platforms. Thanks to the development of navigation and positioning systems offering ever higher levels of performance, as well as to the accuracy of our imaging and measurement solutions and the autonomization of our solutions, we remain at the forefront of surface operations and subsea exploration.

These are challenges which we will meet together, working collaboratively rather than in competition with each other. We are after all convinced that now is the time to establish partnerships rather than to compete as rivals. This is why iXblue is investing so much energy in designing its range of products as part of an open and future-proof ecosystem, capable of being easily integrated into partner solutions. We also seek to encourage the co-development of our solutions with our customers, as experience shows us that this is essential to success. Innovation must constantly be confronted with the reality in the field!

We hope that reading these next pages will enable you to share a feel for what iXblue truly believes in and our commitment to build the successes of the future together with you. We are very much looking forward to meeting you during the show to discuss your needs, and the solutions that we can design together to continue to progress.

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