Defense 2019 Edition

As land and naval military operations are conducted in increasingly fast moving and challenging environments, armed forces need to ensure and maintain strategic superiority with optimum efficiency and reliability. At iXblue, our ambition is to bring our customers toward the cutting-edge of navigation, positioning and pointing, and we have developed innovative products and solutions to enable military forces to conduct undisrupted and efficient operations whatever the environment (subsea, surface, land, GNSS-denied areas).

Today, iXblue is serving over 60 navies and armies worldwide. Values of openness and cooperation are at the centre of iXblue’s strategy in all the key markets in which the group operates. This position is based on the firm belief that cooperation brings about better innovation more rapidly to the ultimate benefit of our customers. Fast developments in platform design and sensor technology, increasing autonomy and progress in areas such as artificial intelligence in years to come will result in big changes in the land, surface and underwater warfare environment. Indeed, rapid innovation will be necessary to counter the proliferation of conventional and symmetric threats evolving now and in the future.

iXblue’s recent innovations in the area of resilient navigation and acoustic sensor technologies have been recognised and adopted by major naval programs around the world. We highlight in this issue the choice by Naval Group to equip the five new FTI Medium-Size frigates intended for the French Navy with the very high performance Marins Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Netans DDU. Likewise, Gaps, our highly reliable and precise acoustic positioning system has been selected by the DGA for its mine warfare application.

As for the land defense market, iXblue has become a key player offering high performance products and innovative solutions to improve the mobility of armed forces and to boost their observation and targeting capabilities at the best price/performance ratio. In this iXnews edition, you will learn about our range of scalable and highly-reliable Advans INS and gyrostabilized platforms that have been chosen by major integrators for artillery launchers, armored and tactical vehicles, as well as optronics and radar systems.

Innovation continues in these areas with new concepts of e-positioning and augmented reality intended to aid safer navigation. And with the rising trend toward unmanned and autonomous solutions delivering cost-effective capabilities, the need for increasingly resilient navigation solutions will only grow. iXblue is very active on these fronts. The off-the-shelf Phins Compact range of small low-power inertial navigation systems has been rapidly adopted by many of the world’s leading AUV developers and DriX, our unique innovative unmanned surface platform has now conducted many successful operations and is in continuous use in challenging commercial applications. DriX is now attracting considerable interest in naval defense communities for both MCM and innovative ASW applications.

We hope this iXnews will trigger your interest and we are looking forward to meeting you and discussing how we can cooperate on your future projects!

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