Eurosatory 2018 Special Edition

As armed conflicts escalate to new heights, military tactical operations and deployment of troops are conducted in ever increasing challenging environments that are becoming more and more complex. To improve their survivability and fighting capabilities, troops on the field need to be mobile and to conduct their operations in a reduced timeframe in order to keep-up a high tempo of operations.

While GNSS has made military operations more efficient on that front, recent years have seen the rise of growing concerns about the dependence of military forces on this technology, whose availability cannot be ensured at all times. Indeed, many factors such as environmental and geographic obstacles, denied service or signal jamming/spoofing by third parties can pose a major threat to military operations.

Leveraging state-of-the-art expertise in inertial navigation systems, as well as stabilization and pointing platforms, iXblue has thus developed innovative products and end-to-end solutions to enable military forces to conduct undisrupted and efficient operations whatever the environment.

The land defense and security market is not a new frontier for iXblue. Over the past few years, our products and global solutions have been chosen by major integrators and are now operated in numerous military programs across Europe, South America and the Middle East. Combat-proven, our complete range of high-grade inertial navigation systems and gyrostabilized platforms are compact, accurate and versatile solutions that are easy to integrate. They are perfectly suited for both new programs, where high-performance is key, and retrofit programs, that need cost-effective solutions.

Performant products and solutions that improve the mobility of armed forces tactical systems, boost their on-the-move observation and targeting capabilities and enhance their situational awareness while offering the best trade-off between cost and performance, along with a strong commitment to our customers and the support we bring them has thus enabled iXblue to become a key player on the land defense and security markets.

At iXblue, we have one ambition: to bring our customers toward the cutting-edge of navigation and pointing. We hope this few pages will give you a glimpse of what we do at iXblue and we look forward to meeting with you to exchange on your needs and on what we can achieve together.

Happy reading!

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