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For more than 25 years, DELPH software suite has been extensively used by surveyors and geophysicists around the world, providing leading edge software and hardware solutions.

DELPH acquisition software is a unified data logging solution to safely monitor and record side-scan sonar, seismic and subbottom profiler data in a resolutely simplified user interface. It focuses on reliability and online QC.
DELPH interpretation software brings a new workflow to geophysical data processing and integration; it has the unique capability of handling vast amounts of data in a short time using batch processing while still providing the finest details. DELPH interpretation is the unbeatable solution when processing time is critical. From raw data to final deliverables, all data sonar, sub-bottom, magnetometer, bathymetric and geographical layers integrate in DELPH 3D geographic visualization for an advanced QC on a global survey scale. This also ensures the best possible geo-referencing and immediate compatibility with geographical information systems. With scrolling profiles no longer needed, you can directly access complete datasets, always geo-referenced.



Input Sensors

(list available on demand)

Analog and digital side-scan sonars Analog and digital sub-bottom profilers
Analog single and multi-channel seismic
Digital magnetometers
Recording format XTF XTF and SEGY XTF


Input Data format XTF XTF and SEGY Generic text, XTF

Real-Time processing and mapping

Batch processing of survey data

Batch generation of maps

Batch reporting

Bathymetry data modelling

Data Display 2D Speed corrected profiles
3D geo-referenced map or sonar mosaics, coverage and contacts

2D Speed corrected profiles
3D geo-referenced map of seismic profiles and interpretation

3D geo-referenced maps of horizon and layer thickness models

2D/3D vector display of magnetic anomaly

2D/3D geo-referenced map of anomaly vector and magnetic maps

Processing features

Navigation and layback filtering

Offset and gain correction (T.V.G., automatic, calibrated from data)
Automatic seabed tracking
Slant correction

Mosaic generation

Synthetic Aperture Sonar processing and mapping

Navigation and layback filtering

Extensive processing library (filters, gains, deconvolution, etc...)
Automatic seabed and horizons tracking
Full vertical correction (tide, swell, depth, snap to bathymetry)

Isopach map generation

Horizon terrain model generation

Navigation and layback filtering

Diurnal filtering
Spatial filtering
Magnetic anomaly modeling
Reduction to the pole

Iso-contour generation

Interpretation features

Target generation from profiles and map

Advanced target databasing with intuitive classification tools

Automated target measurement

Interpretation databasing

Profile annotation and drawing

Feature digitization on mosaics

Interpretation databasing
Cross-line interpretation
Automatic horizon tracking
Profile annotation and drawing

Core-logs correlation

3D Map digitizing tools

Magnetic map overlay with sonar mosaics and contacts, bathymetry maps, sub-bottom data

3D Map digitizing tools

Deliverables Processed data
Annotations map
Contact report
Contact mapping
Sonar mosaic
Navigation and coverage map
Processed data
Interpreted horizons
Layer thickness
Profile image
Digital Terrain Models
Fence diagrams
Processed data
Magnetic anomaly records
Magnetic anomaly map
Reduction to the pole map
Analytic signal map


Features and benefits

  • Simplified data acquisition software
  • Global profile views with zoom and pan
  • Batch processing and reporting capabilities
  • 3D multi-sensor data integration
  • Robust and safe acquisition of raw data
  • Flexible and reactive analysis and interpretation tools
  • Optimized workflow for greater productivity
  • Survey-scale quality control and interpretation