Delph Geo Interpretation

Full-featured processing, interpretation, and 3D seabed mapping software

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Delph Geo Interpretation is the most advanced geophysical data processing and interpretation package in the industry. It will boost the processing of any side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, seismic data or magnetometer data, and its intuitive 2D/3D multi-sensor geo-referenced software environment will provide global QC and interpretation of multi-sensor datasets.

Compatible with most data formats in use, Delph Geo Interpretation offers dedicated profile displays for tuning data processing and the fine analysis of the records. Delph RoadMap 2D/3D cartographic software provides project-level data management, batch operations – processing, mapping, reporting – and mutli-sensor visualization.

The highly optimized workflow of Delph Geo Interpretation reduces software manipulations, and saves time to geophysics who can better focus on QC, data analysis and interpretation.

Delph Geo Interpretation can be operated both in real-time and post-processing, adapting to traditional tow-fish and ROV based operations up to most demanding multi-USVs and muti-AUVs surveying methods. Whatever the survey scale, Delph Geo Interpretation will cope with the large data amounts and deliver results in a short time.


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