iXblue seismic survey unveils unprecedented images of water resurgence in Walter Munk hometown lake

Back in May 2019, iXblue conducted a seismic survey using its Echoes 10 000 (10 KHz) sub-bottom profiler in Lake Altaussee, Salzkammergut region (Austrian Alps). In collaboration with the Walter Munk foundation for the Oceans and Flinders University, this seismic survey provided unprecedented images of water resurgence and most likely supersaturated carbonate sedimentation. A presentation is already scheduled for the “Ocean2019” conference in Marseille on June 20th, and will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to Walter Munk and to his considerable contribution to geophysics. This work belongs to a multi-faceted study with local and global significance. Cultural and ecological surveys will indeed provide historical, technical, and limnological data that is important to this Alpine community, and nearby European residential areas that surround the lake regions. It will eventually help better protect this vulnerable natural environment.

Echoes data