EVO-30L Series

Large size high-performance three-axis positioning and rate tables

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SKU 00156652 Export restrictions : dual-use

EVO-30L Series is a large-size, ultra-high performance three-axis positioning and rate table designed from the ground-up to for high bandwidth and high dynamic applications while delivering best in class precision and stabilityfor test and calibration of inertial grade IMUs and INUs and is ideal for development and research, as well as production.

EVO-30L Series is designed with key components chosen for having the best quality. Brushless motors, optical encoders and slip-ring capsules are critical to the performance of the complete system. Every EVO-30L Series comes with iXblue nGine controller and ProaXe Graphical User Interface, which are the most advanced control electronics in terms of performance, efficiency and safety.

The EVO-30L Series can evolve with your process. The large-size three-axis test-table may be used with or without the thermal chamber. Customer specified tabletops or Unit Under Test adapters, slip-rings and performance features can be tailored to the customers’ requirements.