iXlive – Sep 29, 2020

Boosting geophysical survey efficiency with Delph Geo software series

Delph Geo is a modular software solution for geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Operating with side-scan sonars, seismic systems, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers, Delph Geo software is a major leap forward in providing geologists, geophysicists and hydrographers with a highly optimized workflow.

It offers greater flexibility, a major boost in productivity, and top-level multi-sensor data integration, quality control – QC – and interpretation capabilities, all in a smart and intuitive software environment. Interfacing with most industry leading sensors and data formats and tailored for the most challenging survey needs, Delph Geo results from the key user input and the strong experience of iXblue Sonar Systems Division engineers.



Philippe Alain

Delph Geo Expert